Molly the Mule, A Charming Reminder of What is Possible

January 19, 2024

We have come a long way from the days of horse-powered farming and Simplot’s first electric potato sorter, won on a coin flip by J.R. in 1929 in Shelley, Idaho. The literal leaps and bounds we have made are partly why at Simplot we admire Molly the Mule so much.

Today marks Molly’s first birthday. She represents our quirky, think outside-the-box spirit, and boundless energy that continues to drive our innovation in food and agriculture for generations to come.

Molly the Mule stands on all four legs in a glass showcase outside the J.R. Simplot Company’s headquarters as a testament to the technological advancements made over the last century in farming and agriculture. She is also a charming reminder of what is possible for the future.

Molly the Mule in her glass showcase

You see, if you visited Molly in person, you would see her swish her tail, nod her head, and wiggle her ears, and make all the endearing sounds of a real Mule. But Molly is what is called an animatronic mule created by the infamous Garner Holt Productions, Inc known for their outstanding design and manufacture of animatronics, including Disney and Universal Studios. While Molly walks on a vintage 1900s Samson Horsepower treadmill, a piece of vintage farm equipment that is more than a century old, there are 100 state-of-the-art parts of machinery that make our Molly operate.

One of the most important challenges we face today is how to feed a growing world. There are no quick fixes for solving complex issues like food insecurity or finding sustainable solutions. The global challenges of today require us to pioneer innovations and safeguard resources for future generations.

“This week, we’re celebrating Molly the Mule’s first year at Simplot, ”said Simplot Chairman Scott Simplot. “Molly is machine made with 100’s of parts all working together to create the animated mule you see. At Simplot, we are grateful for the ingenuity of people who have made the leaps like Molly’s technology possible. Technology of the past gives way to technology of the future.”

We take pride in our endearing mascot just like we take pride in our innate ability to learn on the fly and find better ways to grow delicious, safe, and abundant food for people around the world! Even if it requires a sense of humor.

Watch Chairman, Scott Simplot share what he loves about Molly the Mule.

Want to see how Molly was made?
Watch here: Molly Mule Onsite Installation – JUMP Boise - YouTube

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